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Real people, real reviews. Our clients invest in their personal goals with the guidance of our Cleveland Matchmakers. Three decades of proven success shown by our verified BBB rating and Google reviews.

“ A few months ago I decided to give IJL a chance after years of trying the dating apps with no success and many headaches. The Cleveland, Ohio Team was very understanding and patient with all my questions. Setting my expectations with the reality I would be meeting more dates that are suitable to me, my life style and career I was very pleased with the outcome. Even with IJL there is no exact science to dating, there will still be matches that may not make sense but that is also part of human nature. Trusting Kendyl and Karin to figure out who may work has made a difference in my life. I am fortunate to have put my membership on hold last month as I am dating an incredible woman! Thank you IJL Cleveland, you rock! ”

— Robert T   (google.com)
June 2023
“ I entered the Dating adventure after longtime professional career. I was at a loss which direction to go. In comes IJL, they are enthusiastic and Positive with Capital P! They find out about your life interests, your history , and somehow they take their wands and create a comfortable always look forward date! I have already recommended this service to others. ”

— Megan O.   (bbb.org)
February 2023
“ I'm so glad I made the decision to join IJL. There was certainly hesitation, but the staff at IJL made me feel very comfortable with the process. I've had four dates; each woman was beautiful, smart, positive and fun in their own unique and special way. I feel so fortunate that I was able to cross path's with each one of these special women, I have IJL and their outstanding staff to thank for these introductions. ”

— Steve O.   (google.com)
January 2023
“ Excellent work by the team at IJL! I am amazed by their match making skills; they really did get my match perfect! The process is simple and works incredibly well. The team is very polite, friendly and supportive. They are great at what they do! ”

— Matthew H   (bbb.org)
November 2022
“ I joined IJL Cleveland when I became serious about trying to find a partner but not having luck on my own. I was skeptical about the process at first, but it forced me out of my comfort zone and I met some wonderful people. I am one year into a relationship with my boyfriend that I met through IJL and could not be happier. ”

— Carolyn V.   (google.com)
October 2022
“ For someone who is very introverted and very hesitant on jumping into the dating scene this business is very well put together and took the anxiety I had with trying to find someone and set up a first date was taken away immediately. The team sets up the first date and gives great pointers to connect with your date plus they give characteristics of that person to help connect with them further. I would definitely recommend trying this business out as their team is very sweet, and kind plus they listen to you. ”

— Steven W.   (bbb.org)
August 2022
“ I was on my way home from another bad Hinge date when I heard an ad for this on the radio and instantly went home to sign up. The next day, Kendyl called me and we talked for hours about me, what I'm looking for, what's worked, what hasn't etc. I went on a few dates before I met my guy and my life is forever changed. My advice would be to be patient and know it's a process and investment. My first few dates weren't fantastic, but they listen to your feedback and talk through things with you. Katie, Sabrina and Rebecca were also all fantastic. I am so grateful I did this. It was the best decision I've ever made. ”

— Madalyn T.   (google.com)
August 2022
“ Very professional staff. Receptive to feedback and genuinely take an interest in each individual. Appreciative of their time and efforts ”

— Johnanna B.   (bbb.org)
July 2022
“ This service has been so much fun! I've really enjoyed working with the amazing team, and meeting people with a lot of common interests. It's definitely more enjoyable than online dating, as it gets you out into the real world and engaging in new experiences. ”

— Monica A   (google.com)
July 2022
“ As a professional man that has an international business, it is always difficult to meet a high caliber person by chance. When I joined IJL Cleveland, the team did an excellent job at understand the type of individual that would make a good match for me. The team did a great job with the matches and I am happily together with a wonderful woman. ”

— Mike S.   (google.com)
June 2022
“ Very happy with this service! Staff have been regularly setting me up on dates with women who share common interests. I would definitely recommend this service for anyone who is tired of online dating apps. ”

— Ryan K   (bbb.org)
May 2022
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